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Brief History and Origins

Drag racing is a really interesting sport, with the many races and intriguing events happening, it is only reasonable that people would be interested in the history of drag racing itself. But when did drag racing start, and how did it do it?

Here at the Paradise Drag Strip, we are interested in the drag racing history, as it helps us understand what the future holds for it. All drag racing lovers are pretty intrigued to find that the history of drag racing dates back in the 1930’s in California. This was around the time where engines for motor cars became faster, and the drivers could top 100mph, which was really challenging for that time in drag racing history.

However, the biggest obstacle that drag racing overcame in history was after World War II. This was the time when from an underground pastime activity, drag racing became an organized event, for the first time in 1949. People would use abandoned military runways and turned them into drag racing strips. The first one was organized in 1949, in the Goleta Air Base in California.

However, unlike now, the historic drag racing events were pretty simple and low-tech. They trove the cars on the tracks and towed them in makeshift trailers. Drivers would race over a quarter of a mile, and they had no regulated track conditions or even safety barriers for that matter.

However, things took a meaningful turn in 1951, when drag racing history was written and the The National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) was founded in 1951 by Wally Parks. Within a few years, there were 2 different classes developed: the ‘Unmodified Stock’ and ‘Top Eliminator’.

The 1960s were the years in drag racing history when things got more developed – starting with the replacement of the human flagman with an electronic lighting system on the strip. Also, the cars were reshaped and redesigned – and the World Series of Drag Racing were invented.

However, it wasn’t until one of the most serious accidents in early years of drag racing history in the 1970s that the fundamentals of car design changed, and the engines were put in the back of the car instead of in the front.

Where Was the First Race Held & Drivers

There is some confusion as to when and where was the first drag race organized, as besides the one in 1949 at the Goleta Air Base in California, some people claim that the first ones were organized in the John Wayne International airport, in Santa Ana, California. So, there is no discussion that the first drag races in history were happening in California, but the exact location remains unclear.

Some of the first drivers and drag racing enthusiasts were C.J. “Pappy” Hart and Creighton Hunter, as well as Wally Parks – who ended up being the first President of the NHRA.

The World’s Biggest Race

The National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) is the most important drag racing governing body. It sets the rules and hosts a number of events throughout Canada and USA, and as such, it has more than 40.000 drivers in the rosters.

As of now, it hosts the most important events in this field – the Mello Yello Drag Racing Series which includes 24 races, and it also holds the most important USA event – the NHRA U.S. Nationals in Lucas Oil Raceway in Brownsburg, Indiana.

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Dragsters : Popular Racing Cars

Dragsters are specialized racing cars for drag racing strips, and they are incredibly fast. Of course, these cars have an incredible, almost monster-looking like design, but they have special features which makes them great for drag racing. Also, dragsters can be injected or supercharged (or turbocharged), with a variety of possible engines.