Track Rules

Paradise Track Rules

Even in Paradise there are rules to live by. Please find the rules listed below. Paradise Dragstrip has a zero tolerance policy unless approved prior to race time with track officials.

  1. No Alcohol or Drugs allowed!
  2. Speed Limit is 5 mph in the pit lanes. We do not want our future generation racers injured.
  3. All drivers must wear a helmet – no exceptions!
  4. No electronics on foot brake cars. If electronics are installed, they must be disabled and approved per tech inspection.
  5. Car must have seat restraint.
  6. Fire extinguisher must be in car and also by trailer in pit lane.
  7. Windows must be installed and closed during race operation.
  8. Drivers must have valid drivers license to compete in race or time trials.
  9. Any car 6.40 and faster must have complete roll cage.
  10. Any car 7.50 and faster must have fire jacket.
  11. Must order at least one cheeseburger!